Traumatic Brain Injuries



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The World Health Organization states that Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) will surpass many diseases as the major cause of death and disability by 2020 and is a significant source of disability and morbidity. \n\nTBI is brain dysfunction caused by a blow to the head which may cause bruising, bleeding, swelling or torn nerve fibers. \n\nCauses of TBI are blasts, falls, vehicle accidents, sports injuries, abuse and gunshot wounds. Diagnostic methods involve neurological exams, scans, other medical tests and interviews. The degree of damage depends on the extent and part of the brain affected and these are underwriting considerations as well. The goal of TBI treatment is to restore the highest level of independence and degrees of recovery can vary.\n\nResearch reveals that multiple TBI, even mild concussions, may have long-term impacts on patients, so underwrite carefully.

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