Increase sales and maintain your share of the market while competitors pinch pennies.

  • “Share of Mind” costs much less than rebuilding it later. A strong advertising presence, while competitors cut budgets, increases your “Share of Mind.”
  • Advertising through both expansion and cutbacks sustains brand recognition.
  • Advertising during industry-wide budget cuts enhances market perception of corporate stability and gives advertisers media dominance.
  • Aggressive advertisers reap rewards while timid companies lose value.
  • Strong advertising efforts solidify your customer base, take business away from the less aggressive, and position you for future growth.
  • During good times, you should advertise; during difficult times, you must advertise.
  • Advertising is not just an expense, but a contributor to profit.

There’s no better value than ON THE RISK for your advertising dollars – whether Print Edition alone or combined with OTR Website ads. With ON THE RISK your advertising message reaches real decision makers.

Over 76% of OTR recipients are Underwriting Vice Presidents, Managers, Chief or Senior Underwriters, Senior Corporate Executives, Actuaries, and Medical Directors. Every member of the Association of Home Office Underwriters and Canadian Institute of Underwriters receives OTR.

Over 3,000 copies of each issue are printed, and there are 7,000 readers around the globe. ON THE RISK is now read in 60 nations outside the United States and Canada. International insurers and underwriting service vendors are reading OTR to keep informed about North American underwriting trends.


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