ON THE RISK is the Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting. The Academy of Life Underwriting’s Board of Directors comprises representatives of the Association of Home Office Underwriters (AHOU), the Canadian Institute of Underwriters (CIU), the ALU and OTR.

OTR is published quarterly and is received by the members of AHOU and CIU as a benefit of membership. It is also available by paid subscription to individuals and organizations throughout the world who have an interest in life, disability or health underwriting and related news and information. This typically includes, but is not limited to: home office underwriters, medical directors, actuaries, and agents; insurance companies that do not have memberships in the three associations above; service companies or organizations that sell or provide services to life insurers; and related professional or governmental organizations.

The editorial content of ON THE RISK serves the professional information and continuing education needs of the memberships of the two primary organizations that support it and the worldwide professional home office underwriting readership. News and announcements from AHOU and CIU along with various joint committees such as the Life Underwriting Education Committee, Underwriting Experience Studies Committee and others are published. The major North American and international underwriting meetings are reviewed regularly. Periodically, selected insurance medicine, actuarial, technology, management and scientific meetings may be deemed worthy of extended coverage in OTR.

Scholarly articles covering topics of importance to the ON THE RISK readership are actively solicited and welcomed. Acceptance for publication and date of publication are at the sole discretion of the Editor-in-Chief after consultation with the editorial team. These may include, but are not limited to, topics in medicine, non-medical risks, insurance law, insurance technology, underwriting management, and related issues.

ON THE RISK is and will remain a fluid and dynamic medium which analyzes the present and anticipates the future. Editorial content is monitored constantly by the editorial team to assure its timely and relevant value to the readership. Shifts in geographic and demographic sources of OTR circulation in the future will also be monitored so that all readers, regardless of their worldwide location, continue to receive optimal benefit..

Internet technology employed by ON THE RISK will be used in a manner consistent with the overall mission of OTR. It will be monitored by the editorial team at all times for adherence to this philosophy.

Acceptance of print and website paid advertising serves two purposes: 1) to inform the readership of products and services useful to them in the performance of their professional responsibilities; and 2) to provide revenue that helps offset the expenses associated with printing and publication, thereby providing the lowest reasonable subscription costs.