It is the policy of ON THE RISK that its print edition and website content must at all times be in compliance with both the letter and spirit of antitrust laws. Broadly stated, these laws prohibit any activities that might lessen or tend to lessen desirable competition between insurance companies.

ON THE RISK editorial content and Editorial Team meetings and all related activities involves coordination between and contributions from employees from competitor insurance companies and vendors for educational purposes only. These activities are intended to serve as forums for the expression of various points of view on the topics discussed. These activities are not intended to permit the formulation of any agreement, express or implied, which would in any way restrict competition.

It is the policy of ON THE RISK to avoid all activities that could or might appear to violate antitrust competitive law. ON THE RISK will not suggest price fixing through its content, activities, policies, or practices, and strongly cautions each of the individual participants in any OTR-related activities to refrain from such activity. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to, suggesting extra ratings or proposed business actions regarding insurance applications presenting certain risk profiles.