1. For Home 2. Slider widget images all need to be formatted to the same size to avoid frame bumping.
  2. Home 6. This is the Subscribe to OTR field.
  3. Main Navigation Menu is the black menu bar below the header. The Main Menu is the red bar above the header. We need to determine which one we want to use as we’ll only need one.
  4. The main news feed on the front page slider menu can be abstracts of recent articles with an attractive image.
  5. Search WP credentials: U: ontherisk P: Cunningham99
  6. MH Theme credentials: U: ontherisk P: Cunningham99
  7. Cozmos Labs – Profile Builder: u: mawaterhouse@gmail.com p: portland2909
  8. WP All Export Pro: u: Academy of Life Underwriting p: Carolyn1929
  9. Host Gator Credentials: u: mawaterhouse@gmail.com p: Carolyn1929 Pin: 2909 
  10. Box respository for OTR files: https://account.box.com/login

    id –otr@ontherisk.com

    pw – otr1984

  11. u: Corolla p: Cunningham995678
  12. WordPress: u: mawaterhouse@gmail.com p: Carolyn1929
  13. Woo Commerce: u: mawaterhouse@gmail.com p: Carolyn1929
  14. ontherisk.com: u: website p: website18
  15. Flickr: u: OTR2019 p: Carolyn1929
  16. Envato/FileBird: https://codecanyon.net/downloads u: OnTheRiskWebsite e: mwaterhouse@jhancock.com p: Cunningham99!
  17. gmail: u: ontheriskwebsitebuild p: Cunningham99
  18. public user test: u: Michael Waterhouse p: Carolyn 1929
  19. YITH: https://yithemes.com/ u: michaelwaterhouse p: Cunningham99
  20. Google: u: ontheriskwebsitebuild p: Cunningham99
  21. Backups are done via UpdraftPlus Backups. Backups are stored on Google Drive. Credentials are for the Google ontheriskwebsitebuild account. 


  • I updated the front page of the site with some better aesthetics. Made the Subscribe to OTR link better. Changed background to white. Added a “Recent Articles” field in the footer that looks nice.
  • Added a Recent OTR Articles sidebar item for each content page
  • Added categories of “underwriting”, “innovation”, “financial” that can be added to each post.
  • I removed the frontpage header sidebar that noted recent articles because there are 2 other spots on the front page for this. I think it looks cleaner now. We’ll ask group what they want here. But we cannot do a slider because the theme doesn’t support it.
  • Added force SSL plugin
  • Added WP Export/Import plugin
  • Added a product, with variations for the OTR Subscription.
  • Removed all users that were not admins on ontherisk.com
  • Updated social media links. Removed Instagram. Updated Twitter URL.


  • I replaced the images on the front page with new HD photos from unsplash.com. The front page slider images and all images must be at least 1030 x 438px. for the MH theme to resize them properly. Otherwise, the slider will scale up and down depending on the image size. 


  • Much difficulty with AAM plug in. I’m going to uninstall and reinstall plug in. 
  • Here are the roles that Kevin asked for: Administrator/OTR Subscriber Electronic/OTR Subscriber North America/OTR Subscriber Outside North America/Public User


  • Hex code for the OTR maroon colour is: #D2232A. I changed the theme to use this colour.
  • We are able to restrict access to media library content by using the Profile Builder Content Restriction. 
  • We need to be sure that we are able to use the images that Meg gave us from RGA. Are these proprietary? 
  • I need to contact AAM for a refund. I removed admin rights for Vasyl and removed his access to our ftp at Host Gator. He never even logged in to help.
  • I’ve updated the shortcodes for the profile builder plug in pages so that a user will be able to register. I also update the “footer menu” that is on the side of each page to have a working “create an account” page. 
  • I updated the copyright on the front page to Copyright © On The Risk 2019.
  • I updated the OTR Online page with current information on how to search for an article. Text in red needs updating after input from OTR.
  • I added all of the advertiser images from the OTR site and asked Meg if she would like to resize them so that they look appropriate in the footer slider. 


  • For subscribe message page, provide log in link as well as create subscription link. 


  • I updated the links on the About OTR, OTR Online, and the Advertise with OTR page. The items highlighted in blue need attention still. Convey to OTR.